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Due to a work day, the range is closed all day Wednesday, September 6!

Emergency Update

The electronic gate was severly damaged in an accident. Call for gate combinations until further notice. The combination will change weekly. Have your gate card number handy when you call.

From Your President

Greetings Fellow RGGC Members,

It is with heavy heart that I am writing this to the membership. Our RGGC Executive Officer Mike Brizendine passed away unexpectedly Saturday evening and is undoubtedly in a better place now. He served you admirably for over 7 years in his capacity as our Executive Officer and as my good friend and Business partner at Lincoln Park Pawn and the local Fremont County chapter of the NRA. I ran a Hospice company for a number of years and I know death better than most people should ever know it and it always hits you out of the blue and with no sugar coating attached.

Mike for those of you who didn't know, worked at Estes Rockets in Penrose for 30 years and was instrumental in the development of products (i.e. Rocket Scientist stuff) and all aspects of material handling, purchasing, international labor and negotiations etc. I met Mike working for the US Census a decade ago or so and we became instant friends. After the Census gig ended I invited Mike to become my partner at Lincoln Park Pawn and fill my vacant Executive Officer position at the gun club. I can honestly say that Mike was probably the smartest guy I ever met as he was fluent in multiple languages…I am still working on English and I know just enough Spanish to start a hell of a street brawl, lol!

The family will be having a celebration of Mike's Life and I am unsure whether this will be a private event or one where we can go and pay our last respects and when I hear back from Mikes son Brandon I shall let everyone know. In the meantime, bow your head and say a prayer for Mike and raise your glasses to a fellow compatriot that has left us way too soon.

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Greetings Fellow RGGC Members,

I have a couple of updates for everyone starting with our 4H shooters emailed to me earlier today by Verla Noakes.

Marc, just a couple reminders. Our county fair competition will be held on Saturday, July 22 (Archery & Muzzle Loading) and Sunday, July 23 (.22 rifles). We will begin at 8:00 a.m. each of those days and continue until complete, usually mid-afternoon or earlier. One of our clubs will be bringing our concession trailer in for both days, and we will have a motor home to use as our stat office as well. We will practice again on July 25, August 8, and August 15. The last night of practice for this year will be August 15.

Alas, let me break that down for everyone. Next weekend, July 22nd and 23rd, not this weekend, our 4H shooters and families will be using the far two west ranges for their county fair competition so please be cognizant of that and don't try to shoot on either of those ranges during the times that 4H is using them. That includes any firing PAST the main firing line. Just think Tuesday rules on this Saturday and Sunday and head east on and shoot on one of our new ranges and as always be careful driving in and pay attention while you are on the range please.

Covered Point Sponsorship Update

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Greetings Fellow RGGC Members,

We have some new range developments in the works that I would like to make everyone aware of starting Saturday, July 8th. Ever since Lon and I buried the last shotgun range under several tons of dirt, we have been trying to figure out where to put the new shotgun range at, and I am happy to report that our new trap range will now be our furthest east range after its completion NEXT Saturday.

For those of you who are calendar challenged, the translation of what I just said is that 7 days from tomorrow, Saturday July 8th, the range will be closed between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM while we finish the new shotgun range. Lon Pennington, myself, our VP John Hudson and whoever else I can get polaroids of between now and next Saturday will be working to get your new shotgun range completed and a few other dirt work projects that still need some work.

Our new trap thrower is very impressive and flips birds like there is no tomorrow...good enough I accidentally smacked an unsuspecting pedestrian with a clay pigeon clean across Elm Street and Hwy 115-a distance of 77 yards per my trusty Leica rangefinder, lol! For those of you who are interested in upgrading your annual membership to include the new trap range, that price annually is an extra $20 and if you are a senior or active duty military that price is $15. We are also building a covered point to shoot from which will also be a sponsor opportunity for some enterprising person or business. You still have to buy your own birds and load them yourself but our new shotgun range is going to be a blast.

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Greetings Fellow RGGC Members,

First off, I want to REMIND ALL MEMBERS, that our 4H shooters will be using the far two west ranges EVERY TUESDAY from 5 pm until dark. This is not a new development and I have sent out numerous emails for several months NOW INFORMING RGGC members on what to expect and what was allowable ON TUESDAYS beginning in April and finishing after Labor Day. Clearly that needs to be revisited after today.

EVERY TUESDAY EVENING UNTIL AFTER LABOR DAY SHOOTING ON OUR EXTREME DISTANCE RANGE MUST BE FINISHED BY NO LATER THAN 4:30PM....PERIOD...EXTREME range means ANY point south of the main firing line....I will say this again for everyone unsure of what that meant...if the club outhouse and the new porta potty are in front of your shooting position you are not on the main firing line!

This also applies to anyone who is shooting on the far west pistol range and or the 100 meter range, 2nd range from the west. Shooting must be finished by 4:30 PM each and every Tuesday...PERIOD….

On each and every Tuesday evening, from 430pm or 1630 hours on if you wish to shoot longer ranges than the 240 yard plus that the main shooting line allows you to shoot all you have to do is head east to our new 500 yard range and 800 + range. For all of you with range finders who will want to tell me that you can only shoot 562 yards on the 800+ range I will gladly enlist you to help me with transporting our new AR500 silhouettes over the 3 ridge lines so we can get them cemented into place later this spring which will give you the ability to completely blow up your fancy laser range finder all the way to 890 yards, lol.

Our 4H shooters and families have a great deal of set up to do each and every Tuesday PRIOR to beginning their shooting for their 3 disciplines. Making them wait to access those ranges for any reason is simply not going to be allowed to happen.

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