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From Your President

Greetings Fellow Gun Club Members,

First off, I want to REMIND ALL MEMBERS, that our 4H shooters will be using the far two west ranges EVERY TUESDAY from 5 pm until dark. This is not a new development and I have sent out numerous emails for several months NOW INFORMING RGGC members on what to expect and what was allowable ON TUESDAYS beginning in April and finishing after Labor Day. Clearly that needs to be revisited after today.

EVERY TUESDAY EVENING UNTIL AFTER LABOR DAY SHOOTING ON OUR EXTREME DISTANCE RANGE MUST BE FINISHED BY NO LATER THAN 4:30PM....PERIOD...EXTREME range means ANY point south of the main firing line....I will say this again for everyone unsure of what that meant...if the club outhouse and the new porta potty are in front of your shooting position you are not on the main firing line!

This also applies to anyone who is shooting on the far west pistol range and or the 100 meter range, 2nd range from the west. Shooting must be finished by 4:30 PM each and every Tuesday...PERIOD….

On each and every Tuesday evening, from 430pm or 1630 hours on if you wish to shoot longer ranges than the 240 yard plus that the main shooting line allows you to shoot all you have to do is head east to our new 500 yard range and 800 + range. For all of you with range finders who will want to tell me that you can only shoot 562 yards on the 800+ range I will gladly enlist you to help me with transporting our new AR500 silhouettes over the 3 ridge lines so we can get them cemented into place later this spring which will give you the ability to completely blow up your fancy laser range finder all the way to 890 yards, lol.

Our 4H shooters and families have a great deal of set up to do each and every Tuesday PRIOR to beginning their shooting for their 3 disciplines. Making them wait to access those ranges for any reason is simply not going to be allowed to happen.

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Greetings Fellow Gun Club Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce a couple of huge range improvements that are underway currently, that should be finished within the next three to six weeks that will make all RGGC members shout OoooRah.....Before I delve into these improvements I would like to say a special thank you to several gun club members who have been absolutely instrumental in making these improvements happen for the club. Special thanks to Andy Neinas for donating a lot of very nice wooden chairs for the membership to use, as well as some new metal chairs for all our bench rest positions. For those of you who do not know, Andy owns and operates Echo Canyon River Expeditions, the very nice Echo Canyon campground and the 8 mile bar and grill. I encourage members to visit Andy and his great venues and be sure to thank him for his generous donation.

Special thanks to Jeff Ritter and his son, Mel Watkins, Mike Brizendine, Dave Racine, John Hudson, Nick Ball and Bubba James for helping me make a huge dent in all of these ongoing projects. If you see any of these individuals please go out of your way to thank them for all they do for your club. In the next 2 to 3 weeks, members will be able to shoot from a bench rest WHILE UNDER A COVERED POINT on 9 of our ranges SIMULTANEOUSLY!

That's RIGHT...EACH of our 9 ranges on the main firing point will now have covered shooting points and this project is well underway as you read this. Until they are completely finished, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION.
Ruger Precision Rifle

Executive Board Update

Over this past weekend, your Executive Board met with Verla Noakes and other representatives of our local 4H community and we made an agreement between our two organizations. We are pleased to announce that our local 4H kids will be coming to the RGGC to conduct their archery and shooting drills beginning on April 1st and running thru Labor Day. The majority of these range days will occur on Tuesday evenings from 5 PM until dark on these days.

Our new 4H shooters shall be using the extreme west pistol range and the 100 meter range just to the east of that range, translation for those who are directionally challenged, the 2 RGGC ranges closest to the mountains will be utilized by our 4H shooters on every Tuesday evening, 5PM to dark until Labor Day in September.

During these timeframes, RGGC members will still be able to use the rest of our ranges to the east, as long as shooters remain at the main firing line east to west. NO LONG RANGE shooting past the 200 yard main line will be allowed during these 4H shooting periods. We recently built a brand new 500 yard rifle range to the east, adjacent to our 800 yard rifle range and both of these can be used as they have the firing point as everything else on our main firing line. We will be placing new benches and targets on both of these rifle ranges as well as our new 80 yard pistol range, also to the east so that the impact to RGGC members during our 4H shooting periods will be minimal. During our 4H Tuesday evening sessions, the far west 50 yard range and the next range over, the 100 meter range will not be accessible to be used for shooting purposes to RGGC members. Please feel free to walk over and meet our new folks and learn about their awesome 4H shooting programs. These young shooters are our future gun club members so please conduct yourself in a respectful and professional manner, no vulgarity, complaining or anything that can be perceived as detrimental to the 4H programs will be tolerated.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be some light construction taking place as the Archery range is constructed. There will also be two connex storage containers moved onto RGGC property to the far west of the club that will be utilized for storage purposes for the 4H program. Folks, those do not belong to us and neither does anything stored in them, just leave them alone please. We will be bringing out a porta potty to help with increased restroom demands and RGGC members are also allowed to use this as well as our other current restrooms.

On 4H range Tuesdays, around 5 pm our main gate shall be opened, either by one of our volunteer members or by a 4H member to allow easier access for their membership. Each 4H member vehicle will display a 4H member card to be allowed entry and for our RGGC members, you will need to hold up your gate card to show that you are in fact eligible to enter our property and are a current member in good standing.

If you don't or refuse to hold up your gate card to be identified, your vehicle description and license plate shall be recorded and then you shall be contacted by yours truly to explain what part of this email and procedure you simply couldn't understand the first time. Just a warning, I am not going to be very understanding.

This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in helping our local young shooters in 4H have a safe place to learn and shoot and I am proud to announce our new partnership with them. Please be equally proud and supportive of our local 4H programs, your Executive Board thanks you in advance for your cooperation. If you haven't purchased tickets yet for our post event raffle, that flyer is attached here for your review. Tickets are only $20 each or 6 tickets for $100. Only 300 tickets are being sold and there are some great guns and a cool Winchester fire safe as prizes, so please come down and get your tickets today.

Membership Update

Greetings Royal Gorge Gun and Pistol Club Members,

Thanks to all the members who attended our Friends of NRA banquet!

We have an exciting year underway for our club with lots of new improvements and additions. With all of our new additions and pending partnerships with the NRA and 4H, we have never lost sight of, nor will we ever lose sight of the most important thing that we have going for us, and that is you, our membership.

With new improvements, infrastructure and partnerships, the demand to join our range is growing exponentially. Your Executive Board is currently undertaking a usage and accessibility study to determine the amount of members that our range can safely and comfortably serve. Preliminarily, it is looking like we are going to have to cap our membership level, meaning that at some point in our not too distant future, we are going to limit the number of memberships that are available and develop a waiting list to become a member of the Royal Gorge Gun and Pistol Club.

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